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If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us; we'll be happy to help you. Thank you!


My light is not working, what are some things I can try before contacting FOURSEVENS?

  1. Make sure all the contacts and threads are clean of debris. Clean with a soft rag around the threads. Take a pencil eraser and rub it on the contacts inside the head to remove any build up.
  2. Make sure all tailcap retaining rings are fully tightened down. On some models this includes a retaining ring located between the clip and the tailcap, which may be accidentally loosened during a battery change.
  3. Change your batteries.
  4. Test the tailcap: Use a twist of aluminum foil or a metal paper clip and touch the outer rim of the light and the top of the battery to see if the head lights up. If it does, a new tail cap is needed. If not, than the head is faulty and needs to be repaired.

How do I send a light in for warranty repair?

If you do not already have an account with us, please create one here first. Then email us at customerservice@4sevens.com with a brief description of your flashlight and the issue you are having. If you have the original order/invoice number, please include it in the email. We will reply to you with the instruction for sending your light in.


My battery leaked in my flashlight and now it will not work. What should I do?

Battery leaks are not covered under our 10 year warranty because the damage to the light is a result of a deficiency in the battery and not the flashlight. Please contact the battery manufacturer to provide reimbursement for the damage.
Information on contacting Duracell
Information on contacting Energizer

How do I know if my battery leaked?

The following signs are symptoms of battery leaks:
  1. A part of the light that can usually be twisted on or off has become stuck and can no longer be twisted.
  2. The batteries are swollen inside the body of the light and cannot be removed.
  3. There is white residue around the batteries.

What can I do to reduce the risk of batteries leaking?

The easiest way to prevent your batteries from leaking is to remove them from devices that will not be used for an extended period of time.


Can I attach the Mini Mk II to a keyring?

Yes, by default the Mini Mk II comes with the pocket clip attached, but you can swap that out for the keyring attachment included in the packaging.

I think my lens is broken. / The LED is exposed / Why does the lens look strange?

The Mini Mk II does not have the traditional lens and reflector commonly found in most LED flashlights. Instead it features a total internal reflection optic, also known as a TIR optic. The shape of the TIR optic slopes inward towards the LED and has a small dome directly 'above' the LED itself.


What do the colors of the inidcator LED mean?

Once connected to a power source, the light at the base of the cord will change color depending on the status. A blinking red light means that the charger is plugged-in and receiving power, but is not currently charging a battery. A solid red light means that the charger is currently charging the battery. A solid green light means that the battery is fully charged.

Why won't the Flex Charger charge my battery?

If the indicator light is not showing any color then the Flex Charger is not receiving power.; please check the USB plug and make sure that all connections are secure. If the indicator light is blinking red while a battery is connected, try reversing the positive and negative terminals on the battery.


Can I mix the Quark heads around?

The Quark Tactical, Quark Pro, Quark Turbo, and Quark Click heads can sometimes be swapped. Whenever mixing and matching Quark bodies and heads always look at the voltage: Every light has a voltage range that it operates between, also, every battery has a voltage measurement. You always want to make sure the combined voltage of your batteries doesn't exceed the maximum voltage of the head. In the same respect, if the combined voltage of the batteries doesn't meet the minimum voltage of the head, it will not have enough power to operate it.


My smart light is unresponsive, what can I do?

Remove the tailcap and battery from the light for three minutes then put them back. This acts as a 'soft reset' for the light. You can see a video tutorial of this here.

The side switch on my light never lights up, how can I fix it?

First pair the light with your smart phone, then go to the advanced menu. Press and hold the top right of the screen just below the blue bar for 5-10 seconds. Extra options should appear along the left-hand side of the screen. Tap the option "Set seen warehouse bit". Finally, press the side button and the issue should be fixed.

What devices can I pair with the Smart Lights?

Currently there is only suport for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S as well as the iPad Pro, iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Mini 2

When will the Andriod app be ready?

The android app is currently in development, please check our facebook page for any updates.

My device cannot "see" the smart device

Make sure the device has bluetooth turned on, that you also have the FOURSEVENS Smart Flashlights app, and that the Smart light is functioning.

My Device shows the Smart light as Red

This means the device is not ready to pair. It can take 2+ minutes for the device to turn green or yellow upon first pairing the Smart light.

Can I turn off the side switch light on my Quark Smart?

This will become a feature in the app on a future release.

My Smart light is set to the tactical interface, how do I reprogram the output mode for the rear button?

First, select the output you wish to assign to the rear button's "momentary-on" function. You can do this by turning the light on then double-clicking the side switch; this will toggle through the available output modes. Alternatively, you can reach your desired output mode by selecting it directly within the App. Once you have your desired output currently active on the light, simply triple-click the side switch quickly. Now, whenever you use the momentary-on function your light will come on in that output mode.

My side switch turns red then green, why is that?

The side switch battery indicator is voltage based. When under heavy use the voltage may trigger the battery warning, but will return green when not in use.

What is the range of the Quark Smart's Bluetooth signal?

The average range is 30 feet, but it will vary between 10 feet and 80 feet based on the conditions and obstacles in the area.

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