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Mini MA

Black Finish / High CRI LED



(1) AA 90 3 100 hr 1 hr CREE XP-G

Perfect as an every-day-carry flashlight, the Mini MA has an easy-to-use twist interface and runs on a single AA battery.

These limited-run high CRI flashlights have not been rebranded and will arrive in our previous packaging. The specifications are for the original Mini series. High CRI outputs will be slightly less.

Want to turn this light into a headlamp? Try out our new 360° Headlamp Kit!

Download Mini Series Manual PDF


Dimensions Length: 3 inches/Body diameter: 0.7 inches/Head diameter: 0.7 inches/Weight (without batteries): 0.7 oz
Voltage range 0.9V-3V
Spot Beam Angle: 8.8 Degree / Diameter at 3 meters: 460mm
Flood Beam Angle: 75.6 Degree / Diameter at 3 meters: 4.7 meters
Brightness Levels Low: 2.7 lumens, 60 hrs / Medium: 25 lumens, 8 hrs / High: 90 lumens, 1.3 hrs
Special Modes Strobe: 4 hrs / SOS: 12 hrs / Beacon Hi: 20 hrs / Beacon Lo: 100 hrs
Reflector Textured
Body Material Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Bezel Material Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Lens Material Optical-grade glass lens with antireflective coating on both sides
Included Accessories Battery, lanyard, split ring for keychain attachment, spare o-ring
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Pulse-Width Modulation
Reverse-Polarity Protection



Operating your Mini is simple. Make sure its batteries are inserted with the positive side (+) toward the head. Ensure the tailcap is tightened. To turn the Mini on tighten the bezel (the head of the light) fully down. The Mini will turn on when the bezel is fully tightened and turn off when the bezel is loosened. To select a different level of constant output turn the Mini off and then on again within 1 second. This will select the next level of constant output in the following sequence: Low -> Medium -> High. If the Mini is turned off for 2 seconds or longer it will revert back to Low. The Mini has 4 special output modes: Strobe / S.O.S. / Beacon (Hi) / Beacon (Lo). To access these modes quickly switch through two full 'cycles' of the regular outputs starting with Low. These two full cycles must be completed within 3 seconds: Low -> Medium -> High -> Low -> Medium -> High -> Special Outputs.


4 Customer Reviews

Adam Syntet
Sunday 25 November, 2012

This light has raised the bar for what a compact AA light should be. I use it everyday, and this is perhaps the most versatile little light I have ever seen.

david midhage
Monday 07 May, 2012

The Quark MiNi AA is great! It weights pretty much the same as the battery you power it with, is pretty much as small as possible considering the use of AA batteries. On Low setting with it lights up enough to be used comfortable as a reading light. While on the bicycle it is just about bright enough to light up the path about 12 feet ahead in the pitch dark. At Medium you can comfortably light up the path about 6 yards ahead and is by far enough when looking for something in the basement or similar. At High it really blast a lot of light and is really impressive considering it's a single AA battery powering it! It definitely more than enough for any everyday use I can think of.

Adam Smith
Wednesday 11 April, 2012

I purchased this light when my Arc AAA-P finally bit the dust and started flickering, and despite the larger size I have had no problems with it as a keychain light. The high CRI emitter is a bit warm compared to sunlight but once your eyes adjust to it you will enjoy much better color definition than with cool-white emitters. I haven't decided whether or not I like it better than the neutral white emitter in my Quark AA^2. The anodizing is perfect, the knurling is perfect, and the UI is easy. I have been running a 2000mah Eneloop cell in it and I haven't run out of battery yet with moderate use. I would highly recommend this light for anybody looking for an easy-to-feed light that is small and powerful enough for almost any day-to-day task.

H S Kanth
Saturday 10 March, 2012

HCRI means that the light has a led which allows much better colour rendition. This is especially important in areas such as medical patient diagnosis and colour photography. However, the tint of the 4Sevens HCRI is naturally warm. This means that it is a pleasant light to use being much gentler on the eyes. This makes the Mini AA HCRI very useful for activities as diverse as walking where natural vegetation will look pleasant to reading where the tint and quality of the led limits any eye strain. The value for money provided by this light is amazing.

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(1) AA 90 3 100 hr 1 hr CREE XP-G


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