TwoFish Lockblocks (3 Pack)



Mounts an AA / CR123A flashlight on any handlebar or helmet. Comes with two straps and one TPE (Kraton) block.


LED Emitter
Voltage range
Spot Beam
Flood Beam
Brightness Levels
Special Modes
Body Material
Bezel Material
Lens Material
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3 Customer Reviews

Daniel Wissel
Tuesday 25 August, 2009

WOW! First of all a big THANKS to Fenix-Store. This order arrived within less then a week in GERMANY. Without additional shippest costs and thus, the best offer around. EXCELLENT! The Lockblock itself is smaller than I expected, but it should do what it is supposed to do. I haven't tried it in action yet, but it looks pretty solid.

Goran Sidenmark
Monday 13 July, 2009

This flashlight mount is the best Iíve ever tried. I use it with a Fenix P2D when going back and forth to work, or with one P2D and one P3D when going through some seriously dark woods to a friendís house. With the dual setup I aim the P3D a bit further ahead and the P2D a bit closer with both on high. This allows me to go at full speed on pitch-black roads through the woods. :) The vertical angle adjustment (twisting it up and down on the handlebar) is pretty much the only adjustment you can make with the TowFish Lockblock, but as long as you have a straight (perpendicular) handlebar that is really all you need. I also use a pair of lockblocks to hold my bicycle lock. It rests on the handlebar and the handlebar stem (?) and is held in place by the lockblocks. As a side note I should mention that my bicycle lock is quite heavy and the weight causes the steering to become somewhat unstable. If I let go of the handlebar the front wheel is prone to wobble, so be careful if you try that at home.

Ed Ellks
Monday 15 September, 2008

This little guy works surprisingly well. I have a Fenix bicycle clamp and that thing rattles like crazy. This is a silent and less expensive alternative, although you can't adjust on an axis like you can with the Fenix one. At first, I thought it would have some problems slipping since it uses Velcro straps. But after a ride last night in the remnants of hurricane Ike, it held up very well and didn't bounce or around. I used it with a 2xAA Cree light as well as a 18650 based SSC P5 light. I got two 3-packs and they were delivered very quickly. My family and I will be using these quite a bit now that the daylight is getting shorter.

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