Atom A0 Titanium Neutral



(1) AAA 30 0.3 120 hr 2 hr Nichia 219B

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This limited edition light comes in a bead blasted titanium body and uses the Nichia 219B LED with 93 CRI (Color Rendering Index).

Designed as the ultimate EDC (every day carry), the Atom collection features a simple two-mode interface, extended runtimes, and a neodymium magnet embedded in the tail for quick attachment to any ferrous surface. Sleek and fashionable, the Atom is the most practical FOURSEVENS flashlight. Every keychain should have an Atom.

Unlike most of our lights, the lights in the Atom collection are flood-type lights and do not have a parabolic reflector. This removes the hot spot and gives you a very smooth, wide viewing angle, allowing you to get the most out of your peripheral vision. Atom lights are ideal for doing close-up work such as automotive repair, where seeing everything nearby is more important than seeing at a distance.

Please do not use lithium-ion cells in the Atom A0 as it will destroy the light. See voltage range to select acceptable batteries for this light.

Want to turn this light into a headlamp? Try out our new 360° Headlamp Kit!


Dimensions Length: 2.2 inches / Diameter: 0.5 inches / Weight: 0.36 oz
LED Emitter Nichia 219B
Voltage range 1.0V-1.5V
Spot Beam
Flood Beam
Brightness Levels Low: 0.3 lumens, 120 hrs / High: 30 lumens, 1.5 hrs
Special Modes
Body Material Titanium
Bezel Material Titanium
Lens Material Optical-grade glass lens
Water Resistance IPX8
Included Accessories Split-ring, AAA battery
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2 Output Modes
Integrated Magnet
Water Resistant (IPX-8)
High CRI
Warm White LED



Operating your Atom A0 is simple. Insert the battery with the positive side (+) toward the head. To turn it on just tighten the bezel (head) fully. The Atom A0 will turn on when the bezel is tightened and turn off when the bezel is loosened. To switch between High and Low output turn the Atom A0 off and then on again within 1 second. If the Atom A0 is turned off for 2 seconds or longer it will then revert back to Low.


360° Headlamp Kit

The 360° Headlamp Kit features two-way articulation to point light in any direction with single-hand on/off operation. The headlamp can be worn on the forehead or to the side above the ears and works with FOURSEVENS Atom and Mini flashlights. Atoms lock into position and are held in place securely with the integrated neodymium magnet. Mini flashlights are held by using the 2 included o-rings for each Mini. All lights are sold separately and are not included in this kit.

Compatible flashlights include: Mini Mk II, Mini ML-X, Mini MA, Mini MLR2, and all Atom flashlights as well as the Preon P0. This product is not compatible with the Mini M2A.

The 360° Headlamp Kit includes the head strap, headlamp cradle, 3 fitted adapters for the different Atom models, and 2 o-rings for each of the Mini models.

Download 360° Headlamp Kit Manual PDF

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