Quark Smart QSL

Black Finish



(1) CR123A 350 1 360 hr 1.5 hr CREE XM-L2

The FOURSEVENS Smart Flashlights app is available on the App Store.

The Quark Smart family is the next generation of FOURSEVENS flashlights, and our most versatile Quark light yet. With our radical Bluetooth functionality, your flashlight can now communicate with your smart phone. Just grab the FOURSEVENS Smart Flashlights App, available now on the AppStore, and pair your Quark Smart to your phone. The app will allow you to check the current battery life and remaining runtime, configure the modes, and set proximity alarms.

And for anyone reluctant to connect their flashlight with their phone, the Quark Smart is still a fully functional Quark light even without pairing. Immediately out of the box, you can easily toggle through all eight output modes by double-clicking the side switch. Holding the tailcap switch will activate the light momentarily without accidentally switching to the next output.

As always, our Quark lights are waterproof and constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and impact-resistant lenses. Quark lights have always been tough enough to meet any challenge. Now they are working harder and smarter to get the job done.

Please note: We have made some changes to the Quark Smart interface that have not yet been updated in the manual:

Side Switch Operation:

There are two basic ways to interact with the side switch:

  • Tap - A very quick press and release of the side switch
  • Hold - An extended press of the side switch. Do not release immediately
Side Switch Shortcuts, when the light is currently off:
  • 1 Tap = The Quark Smart will activate in Moonlight mode
  • 1 Hold = The Quark Smart will activate in Moonlight mode and continue to ramp up in brightness until you release the side switch
  • 1 Tap then 1 Hold = The Quark Smart will activate in Maximum output mode. You can release the side switch once the light activates. If you continue to hold the side switch, the light will ramp down in brightness until you release the side switch
  • 2 Taps = The Quark Smart will activate in Strobe mode

Setting the Tailcap Mode (Tactical Interface Only):

When the light is set to the Tactical Interface, you can choose which output mode you want to activate when you press the tailcap switch. To do so, simply toggle to your desired mode so that it is currently selected and the light is on. Then, triple click the side switch and turn the light off via the tailcap switch. Whenever you activate the light with the tailcap switch it will come on in the mode you selected.

Check out our Smart Light FAQ here!


Dimensions Length: 3.43 in / Diameter: 0.86 in / Weight: 1.46 oz
LED Emitter CREE XM-L2
Voltage range 2V-4.2V
Spot Beam Angle: 29.2 Degrees / Diameter at 3 meters: 780 mm
Flood Beam Angle: 62.8 Degree / Diameter at 3 meters: 3.7 meters
Brightness Levels Moonlight: 1 lumens, 15 days / Low: 10 lumens, 18 hrs / Medium: 100 lumens, 3 hrs / High: 350 lumens, 1.5 hrs
Special Modes Strobe: 3 hrs / SOS: 5 hrs / Beacon(hi): 10 hrs / Beacon(lo): 30 hrs
Reflector Textured
Body Material Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Bezel Material Type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Lens Material Optical-grade glass lens, sapphire coating, antireflective coating
Water Resistance IPX8
Included Accessories Battery, lanyard, split ring for keychain attachment, spare o-ring, holster, finger-grip
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Current Regulation
Smart Circuit for Rechargeable Batteries
Reverse-Polarity Protection



To operate your Quark Smart first insert the battery with the positive side (+) toward the head. The Quark Smart defaults to the Tactical interface. Make sure that the head and tailcap are tightened then depress side switch to turn the light on. Press the side switch again to turn the light off. In this interface the light will maintain the same output mode every time you activate it. Pressing and holding the tailcap switch will cause the light to activate momentarily. The light will turn off when you release the tailcap switch. To change output levels double-click the side switch. Additional interface options are available via the FOURSEVENS Smart Flashlights App.

ALL Quark Smarts


(2) AA 350 1 360 hr 2 hr CREE XM-L2


(2) CR123A 950 1 456 hr 1.6 hr CREE XM-L2

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