TwoFish Lockblocks



Mounts an AA / CR123A flashlight on any handlebar or helmet. Comes with two straps and one TPE (Kraton) block.


LED Emitter
Voltage range
Spot Beam
Flood Beam
Brightness Levels
Special Modes
Body Material
Bezel Material
Lens Material
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4 Customer Reviews

brett wenzel
Friday 18 March, 2011

I think I have about 4 of these now, and one of the other ones that are 180 degrees.. I think I am going to get a couple more of these and the 180 degree type. These are awesome and can be used for so much more that just attaching a light to your bike, but they work great for that.

Nick Basso
Tuesday 02 February, 2010

These are simple and work great. The strap is big enough to fit my Xcross bike's oversized handlebar and almost any sized flashlight tightly. The more expensive rotating product would not fit most of my handlebars and you had to shim it if your light was too small. However, $7.xx is too $$$ You can get these on ebay for $3.25 w/ free shipping.

Lauri Itškannas
Monday 21 September, 2009

Works wonderfully. Holds a NiteCore EZAA in a very snug and stable grip, through a sometimes bumpy ride on hard tires. Cheap, simple, everything I could ask for. In particular, one thing that turned out *not* to be a problem was fitting it on a conical section of handlebar: the one bit of my handlebar that is perpendicular to the plane of the front wheel is not cylindrical but conical, right next to the stem. Before trying it out, I was concerned it might not sit straight, but it does.

Marcus Henriksson
Thursday 18 September, 2008

Excellent product! Lightweight, fairly tiny and simple construction that uses familiar velcro. Easy to set up and sits firmly on handlebar. I use a Fenix L1D and it stays securely in its position. Easy to take off flashlight and mount from bike. Simple to adjust the beam throw. However, the beam is always about 90 degrees with respect to the handlebar and thus requires a handlebar that is perpendicular to the road in order to get the beam pointing straight ahead. I guess this could be solved by clamping something in between the flashlight and the velcro, but this is not a problem for me, though, since I have a perpendicular part of the handlebar on my Trek bike to put it on. This is my favorite bike flashlight mount so far.

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